The Department of Geodesy and Geodynamics of the Research Institute of Geodesy, Cartography and Topography is active in the field of Earth's gravity observation, modeling and theoretical studies, mathematical formulation of potential theory, satellite altimetry, DORIS analyses and GNSS observation, data management and analyses (post-processing, near real-time and real-time). The department contributes to several international scientific services and projects of the IAG, namely IGS (International GNSS Service), EUREF/EPN (European Reference Frame), ICET (International Centre for Earth Tides), BGI (International Gravimetric Bureau), IDS (International DORIS Service), IGFS (International Gravity field Service) and participates in several international EU projects: CERGOP (FP4), UNIGRACE (FP4), CERGOP-2 (FP5), COST 716, TOUGH (FP5), E-GVAP (I-III), SWIRLS (FP6, Galileo oriented project), EPOS/CzechGeo (FP7), GNSS4SWEC(COST Action), Tropsphere modelling (ESA) and others.

The Geodetic Observatory Pecny is part of the department while responsible for operatoin of all observing infrastructure (including data collection, data archivation and data dissemination):

  • receivers of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and JAXA observations,

  • water vapor radiometer,

  • tidal, superconducting and absolute gravimeters,

  • meteorological observations,

  • seismometer,

  • and some other instruments

  • .