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First applications derived from the G-Nut library are based on the Precise Point Positioning technique. The post-processing as well as real-time processing has been implemented supporting static or kinematic positioning solutions. A real-time example is shown in the figure. The BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) is currently used as feeding engine for the raw real-time GNSS data and corrections streams (to be revised in future). In the offline mode, the RINEX data are processed with support of precise orbits in SP3 format, satellite clocks in RINEXC format, PCO+PCV models in ATX format and ocean tide loading in BLQ format.

PPP kinematic coordinate solution (real-time, Apr 9, 2013)
PPP kinematic coordinate solution (real-time, Apr 9, 2013)
PPP tropospheric path delay monitoring (real-time & neal real-time, Apr 4-9, 2013)
PPP tropospheric path delay monitoring (real-time, Apr 5-9, 2013)

The following applications were finished for a beta (lite-version) releases:

  • G-Nut/Anubis - quality monitoring tool for GNSS observation data and navigation messages
  • G-Nut/Apep - time-series data analysis tool
  • G-Nut/Geb - precise positioning in real-time/post-processing using kinematic or static solution
  • G-Nut/Tefnut - troposphere monitoring in (near) real-time/post-processing
  • G-Nut/Shu - numerical weather data processing for troposphere corrections for GNSS

Other tools:

  • G-Nut/ntrip-client - collects stream from NTRIP caster to a file
  • G-Nut/ntrip-server - rotates file content to NTRIP caster as a stream
  • G-Nut/ntrip-pipe - NTRIP pipe including threads of client and server forwarding any stream from one NTRIP caster to the other

The development has been focused on a core library and the first PPP solution. In future, a network solution based on undifferenced observation processing for serving regional/global products are foreseen based on the G-Nut library as well as support of real-time/offline processing and supporting multi-GNSS constellations. The application currently available for download are available via left menu.